Non Surgical Lipo Cavitation

Inch and fat loss, cellulite removal and body contouring

Transform Aesthetics really do deliver the wow factor with our amazing treatments. Now you can benefit from our ultrasonic lipo cavitation treatment on any area of your choice.

This clinically proven alternative to surgical liposuction, produces remarkable and immediate results. Removing unwanted fatty tissue whilst toning and firming loose skin – achieving fat loss, inch loss and contouring all within the same treatment session.

Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency are combined in one powerful transformative treatment to give you back your body confidence through noticeably improved results.

Ultrasound cavitation

Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation - Step 1

Ultrasonic cavitation is a high tech system which causes fat cell reduction and removal by creating bubbles in the tissues of the targeted areas. The bubbles then expand and contract causing a sudden rise in temperature which damages fat cells only. The fat cells are literally melted away and then naturally disposed of through the bodies urinary system.

Radio frequency treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment - Step 2

Following the ultrasonic treatment, we then apply advanced Radio Frequency technology. Step 2 of the treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage and collagen production in the areas where fat cells have been diminished. Radio Frequency treatment also tightens and smooths the skin, giving the treated area a whole new appearance and texture.

Ultrasonic Cavitation - Fat Burning

Cellulite Treatment – Cellulite develops when fat cells swell due to excess fatty tissue this causes a buildup of fluids. When this happens the lymphatic drainage system is unable to release the stored fluid, toxins and fat which restrict blood flow.

The fat cells then begin to cluster together and become fused with collagen fibres or connective tissues, those strands of connective tissue hardens and drags on to their anchor points. The restricted blood flow, lack of lymphatic drainage, stiff connective tissues and fat all converge to form cellulite.

The three main factors that contribute to cellulite are hormones, lifestyle and age. Whilst diet and exercise can impact on some areas affected by cellulite, many parts of the body remains immune. Because of the way cellulite is formed, the treatment we provide can create spectacular results.

Utilising Ultrasonic Cavitation to accurately target the cellulite we first destroy the fat cells in the problem areas.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Sagging skin on the neck, and face along with wrinkles are common problems associated with ageing. This is mainly due to the decreasing amount of collagen
production as skin loses its quality.

Radio Frequency (RF) systems are the most commonly used procedure to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin structure and enables skin tightening and improvement of the skin’s appearance and is a non-invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jawline, jowls, under the chin/neck. Sides of the face and neck areas up to the ears can be also be treated.

This is a great way of reducing fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores and improving skin tone and texture for a brighter smoother complexion.

Lipo Cavitation Fat Loss

How Long Does treatment Take?

Cellulite removal and body contouring, depending on the size of the area being treated takes on average between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. The treatment is not painful and has minimal downtime unlike surgical liposuction.

What Areas Can be Treated?

Ultrasonic Cavitation and RF can be used on any area of the body where there is sagging or loose skin, cellulite or excess fatty tissue. This includes the stomach, thighs, upper arms( bingo wings) and love handles

Thanks to this cutting edge technology you can truly have the body that you have always desired, without the need for radical diet and exercise regimes and without extensive and expensive surgical procedures.

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